About us


Equusline Nutrition


Our feed is formulated by our veterinary team specialist in equine nutrition, collecting also feedback and experience from jockeys and professionals all over the world. Our nutrition programs are designed for each horse needs, adapting our range to their daily activity, age and breed.


We perform a rigorous control in the reception of raw materials and factory throughout the production process. Factory equipped with the latest technology, we have our own laboratory in which we analyse both raw materials and the finished feed at the forefront of incorporating an analysis of the specific processes for horse feed.

Equusline Range


EQUUSLINE is the brand of horse-feed from the group AGROVECO.

Equusline is a high quality range of feed containing all vitamins and amino acids that your horse needs. The combination of our professional way to work together with the latest technologies and the best raw materials make Equusline the perfect choice for your horse. Our products are formulated for all type of horses: competition in different modalities, breeding, and leisure adapted to every different need.

We manufacture both, pellet granulated at low temperature and muesli where each raw material is treated in individual way. This allows us to obtain a high digestibility feed.

EQUUSLINE contains:
  • -Vegetable oils rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Improving athletic performance, while providing better food taste and presentation.
  • Zinc and copper for better assimilation, ensuring the proper functioning of joints and improving the strength of horse’s hoof, and the appearance of his cloak.
  • Magnesium oxide to protect the tendons and muscle mass.