How much do I feed my horse?

One of the key questions when we talk about horses: How much do I feed my horse?

Surely, if you have several horses, you have wondered about theamount of food that they need. As we have addressed in other articles, the amount of food depends on several factors.

needed food horse

On the one hand, a distinction is made between the type of horse, its vital phase (lactating mare or pregnancy, for example), its weight and the intensity of exercise carried out.

According to this type of parameters, we must establish some guidelines for feeding the horse which combine forage and quality feed that adds the necessary nutritional components.

Amountof food for a horse based on its weight

In general, the horse should eat between 2% and 2.5% of food with regard to its body weight although, as we will see, the difference depending on the body weight is quite notorious. So stay tuned!

With all these possible combinations, we will establish different guidelines regarding the amountof food for a horse that performs a medium intensity exercise. Thus, the variation in the quantityof feed and forage shall be defined by the weight of the animal.

horse forrage

A horse of this kind must ingest about 1% of its live weight in feed per day and 1.5% in forage. That is to say, if a horse weighs 50 Kg. more than other and they perform an intermediate physical activity, it must eat half a kilo of feed and 750 grams of forage more than the other horse.

This means that a horse, for example, of 400 kg. must daily eat 4 Kg of feed and 6 Kg of forage. Furthermore, a horse of 500 Kg. needs5 kg of feed and 7.5 Kg of forage.

horse feed

Amount of food for a horse according to its work intensity

As we already said above, the intensity of exercise is also essential to know how your horse should eat.

However, this does not imply a change in the total food quantityof your horse. It will remain between 2 and 2.5% of its body weight.

The main difference is in the proportion between forage and feed. Logically, if a horse does intense exercises, it needs a greater amount of feed that brings it this ‘extra’ needed to do the job.

Thus, when the horse does a job of low intensity, 70% of the amount of food should be forage, and the rest should be feed. In the event that the horse does exercises of medium intensity, itneeds to eat 40% of the total weight in feed, and if it is a high intensityexercise, the proportion of food will be 50% between forage and feed, in equal parts.

If you have any doubt, in this graph you can see the food your horse needs according to its work and weight. So much easier, right?

horse feed graph

horse forage graph

We hope that this article has been interesting. In the next post we will continue talking about horse feeding, but giving another approach. Stay tuned!

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