New Equusline Ambassador

From my childhood is was fanatic for the horses. My family didnt have any experience in this field so they put me in a riding school. My early competitve personality was shown in this field, some if us start to go dressage competitions with the school horses. I was around 13 when it started to be boring, then I tried the througbreed horses. The feeling of a racehorse and a shoolhorse if u switch the old lada to a lamborghini. From the first time i was sure this is what I was waiting for all my life. I was 13 that time and i still feel great and free on the back of racehorses. I start galopp races when i was 16, and at 18 i started to go for international world championship tours all over the world, first as an amateur jockey, then as an apprentice. 2017 I won arabian world championship in Rome, and the arabic racehorse comitee awarded this result with an oscar too in Hollywood.
At the moment Hungary i have jockey and trainer licence. While the winter season im spending a lot of time in uae for racing with endurance horses as well. My plan is to be a big trainer with a lot of racehorses, and get international carrier as a trainer too.


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