We are EquusLine, welcome to our website!

Hi! We are EquusLine, a brand of feed for horses, mares and foals of very high quality, ideal for both competition horses and ride horses. Today we launch a corporate website, online store and blog, and we want to welcome you and invite you to be part of our community about the world of horses. Do you dare to join the EquusLine universe?

The first thing is to clarify why EquusLine should interest you. Equusline is much more than a feed: it is high nutrition for your horse. We are part of the Spanish group Agroveco, a cooperative of local farmers specialized in animal feed that works solely and exclusively with local products, guaranteed a fresh and natural raw material. All EquusLine feeds have been formulated and developed by veterinarians specializing in equine nutrition and have had the valuable collaboration of riders and horse riding professionals. The result: a range of exceptional feeds, which give each horse what it needs according to its level of daily activity, its age, its sex and its breed.

EquusLine offers horses all the proteins and amino acids necessary to reach their maximum potential, guaranteeing them the enjoyment of important benefits thanks to their extraordinary digestibility, which makes possible a better absorption of all nutrients. Among the most outstanding EquusLine ingredients, we find:
Vegetable oils very rich in Omega 3 and 6, which help to optimize the sporting performance of horses while improving the flavor and presentation of feed.
Zinc and copper, which enhance the absorption of nutrients and, consequently, guarantee the proper functioning of the joints and improve the appearance and resistance of horses.
Vitamins of group B and C and choline, as key ingredients in protecting the tendons of horses and their muscle mass.

All EquusLine feed is made following rigorous quality controls and using the latest technologies. Raw materials, always locally produced, are properly controlled and treated since receipt, maintaining the same care throughout the subsequent process of handling and conversion to feed. And it is that we have our own laboratory that monitors the quality of both the raw material and the feed already finished, guaranteeing that we effectively fulfill what we promise. If you want to know more about our range of feed, do not hesitate to check them out here.

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