lord rings horses

Shadowfax of the Lord of the Rings: the PRE horse

4 May, 2016
Today, in our section “movie horses” we are going to talk about a very special horse. It is not a simple movie horse, it is a trilogy horse! We are talking about Shadowfax, the most famous horse of the Lord...
needed food horse

How much do I feed my horse?

27 April, 2016
One of the key questions when we talk about horses: How much do I feed my horse? Surely, if you have several horses, you have wondered about theamount of food that they need. As we have addressed in other articles,...
horses toxic plants

10 toxic plants that your horse should avoid

12 April, 2016
Today we are going to talk about a subject that must be taken into account: the toxic plants. Taking care of our horse nutrition and health, has to be our top priority. We have already commented it in our posts....

Seabiscuit: Thoroughbred Horse [movie horses]

7 April, 2016
In EquusLine, we want to introduce a new theme in our blog. A theme that is interesting for those who love horses. We are speaking about… movie horses! A different way of seeing our beloved equine friends, often turned into...
horse colic

What is a horse colic and how do we treat it?

29 March, 2016
Today we deal with a topic that particularly concerns horse owners, equine acute abdomen syndrome, commonly known as horse colic. We are going to seewhat is a horse colic and how do we treat it. Moyan Brenn Continue reading
alimentation jument gestation

Pregnant marenutrition

22 March, 2016
We have touched on this subject a few weeks ago when we talked about the development of the Colt. We are verysimilar to the rest of the animals! Today we will focus on the nutrition of the mare during the...
horse vision

Can a horse recognize its owner?

15 March, 2016
If we ask any person who keeps a dog this same question, do you think that your dog recognizes you when it sees you? The answer, certainly, would be yes. However, there is a general lack of knowledge concerning horses...
colt development

How to obtain a correct development of your colt

8 March, 2016
Do you have children? If so, we are sure that in theirbaby time you have been very aware of the famous «percentiles”. As we supervise the growth of our loved ones, we need to do the same with our animals...
equine piroplasmosis

What is equine piroplasmosis and how is it treated?

1 March, 2016
A few days ago, Andrea contacted us to tell us about her personal case and ask for recommendation. In this case, Andrea told us about her PREcolt, which had a blood test whose resultspointed that it could have equine piroplasmosis....
Equine Tendinitis 2

The most common injuries in horses: equine tendinitis

9 February, 2016
If you have a horse, we are sure that one of your biggest concerns is the possibility of getting sick or hurt. And there are some injuries more common than others that can affect all kind of horses. Among the... Continue reading